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June 2013 road trip- We departed for another road trip to find more of our family roots. Our adventure started at San Francisco's Presidio where Lt. Jose Joaquin Moraga (my 5th Generation Grandfather) was the original Founder and Commandant from 1776 to 1785. This trip ended in Hanford where more of the family history is yet to be discovered. In 4 days, we covered about 500 miles with the family tradition of never back-tracking (except for rule no. 3&4). Click the yellow highlights to follow our steps.

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Rule no. 1 There are no rules, except
Rule no 2 Never re-trace the same route during a road trip, except sub-rule 3-4 More a Guideline
Rule no. 3 ... for the occasional one-way in/ one-way roads  
Rule no. 4 ... for the occasional bad decisions like not finding lodging by day's end.